Peter Bostelmann
Chief Mindfulness Officer at SAP

The question is not anymore if mindfulness will come to your organization. It will come.

Partner Webinars

The Mission

TFIM is on a mission to help the community of service provides, businesses, and individuals interested in organizational wellness, reach each other. If you'd like to be considered for producing a live or pre-recorded webinar that would be a part of the TFIM After Summit experience and ongoing promotions, we'd love for you to apply.  The webinars provide ongoing value for ticketholders beyond the live talks. They will be actively promoted during and after the conference but are not part of the summit talks March 29,30th. Ticketholders can discover the webinars from the webinar listing on the website, from emails to attendees planned to highlight upcoming webinars, and in social media. More details about this opportunity and the program are on this page. If you have any questions, please email 


Pre-recorded webinars can be published as soon as your application is approved and recording is ready. Live webinars will be listed as soon as approved and should be submitted by March 19th


Who is Your Audience?

HR, talent development, people executives, as well as those generally interested in mindfulness at work. In addition, we reach coaches, consultants and others looking to either provide services, or connect with resources. We have arrangements to reach over 250K in focused email through co-marketing.  If we present your webinar, we ask that you would promote your event on TFIM though your channels. We will actively promote webinars in our content, continuously through our marketing and outreach. 

who runs the webinar?

You do. The webinar is your event not ours. TFIM does not produce or manage the webinar.  You provide us the details on your webinar including a link to  your event and we make that available to members of our audience. 


We view TFIM as a community event in many regards. By promoting your participating in your newsletter and social media, the TFIM summit be more successful while it helps dramatically to keep costs low and registration free. Some speakers and partners have  direct channels that reach over 50K and influence at much larger scale. Combined, we are easily reaching 250K. If you plan to co-market, let us know when and how so we can keep track of actual reach. We can provide you with graphics or copy as needed. 

Live or pre-recorded?

Either is fine. Live events must be recorded so that that your event can reach a much bigger audience than just those in attendance. In this way, TFIM will have a library of webinars over time creating massive value for our audience.  If you prefer, we can list a pre-recorded webinar initially rather than a live one.

are there limits on the content?


  • High value - attendees should value the content or experience as being of high value. Highlight your expertise and unique point of view. Why is what you say unique to the world? 
  • Not a Pitch or Demo - the presentation should not PRIMARILY be a pitch or demo of your goods or services. We encourage you to promote your offers, but that should not the main body of content or rationale for the webinar. 
  • Exclusive - To ensure a high value, we prefer webinars content that is not broadly available elsewhere. That's one reason recording a live webinar is a good way to go. Let us know what you'd like to do.

Who will see the webinars?

Anyone with a Summit+ ticket can join or watch your webinar. The Summit talks plus webinars are available for purchase long after the webinar date. With the marketing we are planning, the webinar will reach a much larger audience than just those in attendance during the event. 

who owns the webinar?

The webinar is yours. We list it in our directory and encourage people to attend or view. You give us rights to promote and use the content, but the content itself belongs to you. 

Can I or TFIM charge for this webinar?

Summit+ ticket holders can attend or view the webinar at no charge. We may be offering a premium content program in the future where this could be possible. Let us know if that's of interest to you.

How Long is the Webinar?

That's up to you. An hour is typical 


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