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These high-value webinars are offered to the community as part of our goal to highlight leaders, speakers, and influencers in mindfulness, and to provide ongoing learning opportunities. They are created and produced by the organizations or individuals listed for the webinar and are not created by or owned by TFIM. If you are interested in providing a webinar, please email 

How ‘social mindfulness’ shapes organisational culture

Presented by Mindfulness Connected


Mindfulness helps people to break free from limiting beliefs and adapt to change. This reduces stress and helps people develop as individuals, but that’s not what this webinar is about This webinar will look at how ‘social mindfulness’ harnesses the power of these benefits to create sustainable, inclusive organisational culture.

Mark Leonard

Director/Lead Practitioner

Mark Leonard is a sustainability professional, critical thinker, and pioneering mindfulness practitioner. He helped establish the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and went on to develop a new approach, Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education (MBOE), which was recognised by British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) and the Dutch Mindfulness Teachers' Association (VMBN) in 2021. He’s now working with an international team to bring about change, one organisation at a time.

Adopting a Mindful Approach in Organizations to Achieve Optimal Performance

Presented by Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.


Sustainable quality performance is enabled by taking a mindful approach to the way the organization operates. A mindful approach combines interpersonal, intrapersonal, technology, and process management components.
Join George Pitagorsky, Jonathan Reynolds, and Jim Schaffer to explore, from multiple perspectives, a comprehensive approach.

A Panel of 3 Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. experts

Senior consultants

Our three panelist have practiced and applied mindfulness disciplines for decades, they are: - Jonathan Reynolds, CEO and experienced leadership coach with frontline business experience- George Pitagorsky, author, speaker, former CEO, experienced in technology, process transformation, learning and development. Conducting performance improvement workshops for thirty years- Jim Schaffer, with a career in sales, advertising and market research. He has led programs since 1990.

How Mindfulness and the Science of Language can Transform your Life!

Presented by My Core Insights

Live 05/13/2022 10:00 am  PST

Living an Optimal Life and achieving personal and professional success and fulfillment are attainable! In this powerful workshop, you will learn the strategy to train your subconscious to serve your success, instead of it driving negative patterns in your life, by combining intentional mindfulness with the science of language.

Elliot Barnett

Founder, My Core Insights and Mental Fitness Training

Elliot Barnett is a scientist, public speaker, author, and technology innovator, and with over 20 years of experience in cognitive science research. He spent 15 years developing a new form of psychotherapy, Cognitive Response Therapy based on three scientific theories. These results were used to implement a mental health program, Mental Fitness Training, empowering people to build a healthy and strong mental foundation, delivered by an innovative approach at My Core Insights.

Mindfulness For Those Who Don’t Do Meditation: The Pathfinder’s Question

Presented by Peter M Fellows


An alternative mindfulness application for your clients or employees who don’t do meditation. The Pathfinder’s Question allows your people to use mindfulness in real time to address the situations, challenges, and goals that matter most to them, Overview and how to “test drive” the application included. (Duration: 22 min.)

Peter M Fellows


Peter has been active in the human potential field since 1976. He has researched and written extensively about mindfulness. Peter co-hosts a weekly podcast THE ROAD AHEAD CAFE with Rick Gabrielly and Frank van den Horst, serving up powerful insights and practical hacks to take your daily life to the next level, all in under 30 minutes. Peter is currently writing a book on his new mindfulness application: THE PATHFINDER'S QUESTION: How one question can level up your life!

Building an Inclusive Black Indigenious People of Color (BIPOC) Community Devoted to Mindful Living

Presented by Institution of African American Mindfulness (IAAM)


In this webinar, Travis Spencer MA. will share four principles to support strengthening and transforming our Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) communities into mindful living communities. “To truly be free, we must choose beyond simply surviving adversity, we must dare to create lives of sustained optimal well-being and joy.” -Bell Hooks

Travis M. Spencer MA.

Executive Director at IAAM

Travis Spencer is a mental health therapist and mindfulness teacher/facilitator. Over the years, Travis generously dedicated himself to serving Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) through counseling, adults, teens, children, and families. In 2017, Travis established The Institute of African American Mindfulness (IAAM) as a healing and wellness organization that supports the natural capacity of African Americans and Allies to live in an inclusive community devoted to Mindful Living.

Demystifying the Benefits of Meditation

Presented by Meditation4Leadership


In our 60-minute highly interactive webinar, we will introduce core benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice as an organizational wellness, team building and performance skill building tool. The result is leaders with greater awareness, increased connection and clearer perspective to enable your organization to realize its potential.

Steven Cohen

Founder and Board Chair of Meditation4Leadership

Steven M. Cohen is the author of Leading from Within: A Guide To Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation, the co-founder and Chair of the Board of Meditation4Leadership, which brings the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices to the workplace, a partner in an AmLaw 50 law firm and frequent speaker on the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice.

Moving from transactional leadership to relational

Presented by Nearly Mindful


For years employers assumed caring for family was irrelevant to work. Leadership was largely transactional rather than based on relationship building, so there was little awareness of what carers were facing or how it affected work.
It’s time to start recognizing the value of care and compassion. I’ll share practical mindfulness strategies to increase resiliency, creativity, productivity, and well-being for all stakeholders in the organization.

Janet Fouts

Human Potential Facilitator

Janet is a human potential facilitator, helping her clients improve self-awareness and be happier and more productive at home and at work through mindfulness-based emotional intelligence coaching, workshops, and retreats. She's the author of 7 books and her newest book, "Microdosed Mindfulness" offers bite-sized ways to live a healthier, more mindful life and will be released in summer 2022.

Mindfully Worthy: Imposter Syndrome Is Not Your Enemy

Presented by Carlo Parsons Consulting


Imposter syndrome can be debilitating. We’ve all been held back by our self talk, other people’s opinions (whether shared or assumed), and all the baggage we carry with us through life. It’s made it very hard us to step up even when we’re more than capable. Let’s spend an hour making sense of the underlying feelings of unworthiness and practical, on-the-spot ways we can leverage these negative feelings to propel us on our journey. This session is part skill-share and part open group coaching for those who have questions.

Carlo Parsons

Founder, Carlo Parsons Consulting

Carlo Parsons ditched his lucrative career in Silicon Valley so that he can help experts and private practice owners build their products, authentically connect with their audience, make money, and just like he is doing now, be able to live their purpose while taking good care of those they hold dear.

Dissolving the Spell of Egoic Defensiveness: Lessons in Self-Compassion

Presented by Kristin Taylor Consulting, LLC


When we find ourselves locked in feelings and behaviors like passive aggressiveness or defensiveness, we often judge ourselves and our reactivity as evidence of our brokenness. In this workshop, you will learn mindfulness techniques to help you dissolve this spell, as you gently guide yourselves towards greater self-compassion.

Kristin Taylor

Executive and Life Coach

Kristin Taylor, M.A. brings over 20 years of counseling and coaching experience to her clients, blending elements of neuroscience, techniques to calm the nervous system, mindfulness and psychology into her coaching approach, relying heavily on teaching emotional regulation and self-compassion.

Energetic Resilience

Presented by Kamuniversity Institute


Energetic Resilience is a mindfulness skillset. How we think, feel & speak determines the outcome of what we focus on.
With this awareness, you will learn the importance of cultivating energy vs. striving for the fixed outcome. By practicing easy techniques to optimise ones’ daily energy levels, adapting to change becomes the new resilient normal.

Mirakle King

Kamuniversity Founder

Mirakle is the Visioneer of He is also an Epi-genetic Mindfulness Teacher, founder, MU Starz jewelry designer & documentary film maker. Since 2003, He has facilitated life transforming events all over the US & Hawai’i. He has led certification trainings, seminars, & intensive retreats internationally in over 13 countries worldwide. He is a 25 yr. daily practitioner of coherent meditation. He has a BS in Environmental Design and is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher

Get Unstuck! Using Mindfulness & Self-Awareness to Reach your Toughest Goals

Presented by Elustra Consulting, LLC


In this powerful 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to use mindfulness and self-awareness to identify and transform the beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. You’ll then design a clear, actionable plan that gets you unstuck and moves you towards your toughest goals.
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Matt McLaughlin, PCC

Conscious Leadership Coach

Matt has over 25 years of experience building high-performance teams and leaders. With specialties in fostering emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and communication skills, Matt helps CEOs, founders, managers, and leaders increase their impact on people, planet, and profit. A longtime meditation practitioner, Matt emphasizes conscious, mindful leadership and business practices that benefit all.

Demonstrating the Impact of Your Mindfulness Program

Presented by Nova Southeastern University


Organizations are under pressure to show the impact of the resources they devote toward the implementation of mindfulness and other wellness programs. In this webinar, we will cover the use of practical applied research and evaluation tools, like the program logic model, to identify and measure relevant program outputs and outcomes.

James Pann, Ph.D,


James Pann, Ph.D. helps people in nonprofit organizations who want to show the impact of their programs and figure out how to make them better. He is a psychologist and a Professor at Nova Southeastern University where he focuses on implementing program evaluation projects and teaching courses. Over the last 20 years, he has led numerous grant-funded evaluation and research projects. He also recently helped design and implement a study of a mindfulness-based program delivered online.

Supercharge Your Success Thru the Powerful Brain-Wave State that No One Has Told You About

Presented by Authentic CEO


High-performance athletes and elite corporate executives have one thing in common: they use a brain-wave state not experienced in your typical workday. Join us to learn how to access this state and for a guided experience scientifically designed to transport you to this supercharged brain-wave state today, even if you have never meditated.

Amanda Sanders & Amy Levin

Founders and Growth Activators

In 2018, Amanda & Amy joined forces to create Authentic CEO. They each had an undeniable calling to bring consciousness into business to change the world from the workplace outwards. With their shared scientific understanding and experiences of consciousness, they began working with corporate execs and startups developing applied tools and techniques. The results were extraordinary and grew into the catalog of programs that they offer today. For more info, visit


* These webinars are created and produced by the organizations or individuals listed for the webinar. In other words, these offerings are not created by or owned by TFIM.