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TFIM Resource Partner application

The Mission

TFIM is on a mission to help the community of service provides, businesses, and individuals interested in organizational wellness, reach each other. Toward that goal, we publishes resources of goods and services of general interest to the community.  The listing is free and it's easy to apply.  All you need to do is register with this form, and you will be directed to a Resource form where you provide the details. We review all applications and if accepted, you're entry will be listed and avail on the directory. More details about this opportunity and the program are on this page. If you have any questions, please email 


Whose Your Audience?

HR, talent development, people executives, as well as those generally interested in mindfulness at work. In addition, we reach coaches, consultants and others looking to either provide services, or connect with resources. We have arrangements to reach over 250K in focused email through co-marketing.  If we present your webinar, we ask that you would promote your event on TFIM though your channels. We will actively promote webinars in our content, continuously through our marketing and outreach. 

What can be listed as a resource?

We have a broad definition of resources.  We'd like to list your resource if you provide mindfulness / wellness services to organizations or provide services for those who do. For example, coaches and trainers who provide services to organizations as well as those who teach and support coaches and trainers. Also products and services that directly support mindfulness or organizational change. In other words, a service that helped people remember to be mindful would be great on the resources list, but an accounting application for coaches would not be such a great fit. 

are there limits on the content?

Yes. We do not accept affiliate or 3rd party listings. You must be the direct provider of the resource. The product or service must be available. Future products or services are not accepted. 

Who will see the resources?

Anyone who can access the website. 

Sounds Great! Now what?

Step 1:

Fill out the form below to create an a TFIM Resource Partner account.  

Step 2:

Complete the Resource Form. We'll review and get back to you with any questions and let you know when it goes live.

Step 3:

Email us if you need to make changes. That's it!

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