Our Mission

A revolution is happening in workplaces around the world. Businesses are struggling to re-invent themselves to become human-first workplaces in order to attract, engage, and retain talent.  Mindfulness is at the center of this transformation. A substantial body of research affirms how mindfulness increases well-being, engagement, and resilience to name a few. The increasing velocity of this change has created an unprecedented demand for guidance and resources for mindful leadership, mindfulness programs, expertise, and supporting technology. For this reason, we are announcing The Future is Mindful conference. A virtual event focused on how mindfulness is helping to transform the Future of Work.

We value clarity, transparency, collaboration, inclusion, and connection and hope to embody those values in the relationships created on this and future projects.  In many ways, we're laying the groundwork for on ongoing collaboration of interested parties and we're hopeful to have a much larger event in the not to far future.  Let us know if you'd like to help.

Summit Overview

The summit is a two day virtual event created to help focus and facilitate this timely and important conversation on workplace wellness. The agenda keynotes, community networking time, and variety of wellness experiences available  We're committed to over providing value for attendees, sponsors and partners.  One of our key objectives is build a free Resources page to help businesses connect with providers of aligned goods and services.  We anticipate hundreds of entries in this searchable directory over time providing a valuable online resource for the community. In addition, Summit+ ticket holders can attend the more than 20+ high value webinars produced by sponsors and partners.  Summit+ attendees also benefit from thousands of dollars in discounts and special offers in the Summit+ Special Offers listings on the website. And after the conference, all the talks and webinars will be available with transcripts and on-demand replays so anyone can enjoy this great content, long after the conference is over. 

Audience & Reach

We estimate about 500 people in attendance

Replay Package
The conference will be offered after the event as a package for the Summit+ pricing. This offer will reach tens of thousand of people and we estimate 2x to 3x the number of attendees will purchase over a period of 3-4 months.

Marketing Outreach
Pre-event marketing will connect with more then 250K interested individuals via co-marketing, organic reach, and direct marketing.

Whose Attending

Business professionals 
From HR, L&D, and C level

Entrepreneurs and investors
Building companies from the ground up with wellness and mindfulness embedded.  

Employees of medium and large organizations
Who want to start grass roots programs in their
organization or simply be more mindful at work.

Providers of wellness goods and services
Including coaches, schools, trainers, speakers, products, and online services.

Attendee Pricing and Levels

Where Attendees Engage Your Content


Open to:  All

The TFIM website will host special sections for the general public and conference attendees to engage with sponsor and partner content. The details are called in this section and in the Engagement Opportunities below. 


By special arrangement, sponsors may be invited to present a talk or participate in panel. 

Resources Directory

Open to:  All

A important part of our vision is provide directory of good and services related to well being in organizations. Your participation at any level in TFIM includes a listing in the resource directory. 

The listing includes a graphic, description and link. Note the Resources listing is informational only and is a different link and listing than Special Offers. 

The directory is free resource to anyone that registers for TFIM.

Sponsors receive an enhanced listing.

Summit+ Webinars

Open to:  Sponsors, Summit+ Partners
Summit + webinars are key part of the TFIM event. These 20+ exclusive events are hosted by Summit+ webinar partners and optionally by speakers, invited community leaders, TFIM staff, and sponsors. Generally, webinars are not produced or run by TFIM but webinar hosts agree to recorded the session for inclusion in the playback package. If you prefer to offer a pre-recorded webinar, contact us. Our mailing list will be notified when your webinars is upcoming and encouraged to attend. We work with you webinar providers to ensure the topics provide significant value to the community. The webinar should be held within the period of March 30-to April 7th.


Summit+ Special Offers

Open to:  Sponsors, Summit+ and Special Offer Partners
The TFIM Special Offers program provides significant value for attendees, sponsors, and partners.  This section of the website is available to Summit+ ticket holders which helps to ensure an engaged audience. The offer listing includes a graphic, title, description, and link to your website, or landing page. We ask that offers provide a clear value and when possible are not generally available to the public. Examples could include an eBook, discount coupon, temporary or discounted membership, free or discounted consultation or service, or other relevant offering.
Sponsors special offers receive an enhanced listing. 


Playback Package

Open to:  All
By providing a playback package, we hope to reach a much large audience than those in attendance during the summit. Your content will be reach an audience potentially 2x or 3x the original audience. This is particularly valuable to webinar partners as Summit+ access lets attendees playback your webinar at their convenience. The post-conference campaign will highlight all the conference offerings including special offers, webinars, and talks with special mention of sponsor content. We plan to actively promote this package for 6 months after the event or until the next FTIM conference.

Email Campaigns

Open to:  All

TFIM will keep in touch with the community before, during, and after the event. Before the event, we will announce news, &updates. During the event, we'll be sending notifications about special events, sponsor messages and generally keeping in touch about late breaking event related news. Afterward, there are Summit+ webinar notifications, general news, and post conference package campaigns planned. 

TFIM partner and sponsor content will be routinely featured in these communications as appropriate.  

We anticipate this list to be 2 - 5K by the end of the conference with an amplified reach of 200K or more through partners and sponsors.

Engagement Opportunities 

  • Sponsor

  • Summit+ Webinar Partner

  • Summit+ Special Offer Partner 

  • Resource Listing


If you'd like to explore sponsoring TFIM, contact us. We are looking for deep alignment and great value for our community. 

- Your logo featured prominently in the website, registration, and on sponsor slide in presentations
- A 30 second video presented in 3 available presentations as available.
- Enhanced listing in the Summit Plus Webinars
- Enhanced listing in the Summit Plus Special Offers
- Enhanced listing in the Resources directory
- Featured in an email before and immediately after the conference
- Prominently featured in the post conference package for sale to the general public. Webinar recordings, offers, and other content, will be available in this package allowing the value of your sponsorship to endure long after the event.