Jacqueline Carter

Author, Speaker and International Partner at Potential Project | Expert in Leadership Development, Mindsets, and Corporate Culture

Jacqueline notes that it is a privilege to serve as Partner for Potential Project, a global organizational and leadership development, change management, consulting, and research firm that helps leading companies like Accenture, Cisco, IKEA, Microsoft, and Unilever create a more human world work. Together with her colleagues around the globe, she has helped over 550,000 individuals at more than 600 clients to adopt new ways of working and leading. Potential Project delivers solutions globally in 28 countries in 17 languages, in-person and digitally.

Early in her career, she discovered importance of understanding and developing her own mind in order to enhance my performance, resilience and creativity. As she rose up the ranks into senior leadership roles, she found it even more essential to develop a mind that is open, wise and compassionate, in order to navigate the complex challenges of leadership. And now, with Potential Project, she has the opportunity of sharing these techniques and insights with people like you and organizations like yours.