Amy Levin

Co-Founder of Authentic CEO & Wai Mohala Ventures

Amy Levin began her career as an open-heart nurse along with a degree in public health policy and a background in health and wellness. She developed a passion for team collaboration and personal development, which provided her the opportunity to help open a multi-specialty surgery center which became one of the largest in Indiana and repeatedly ranked #1 in the state. 

In 2017, she meditated for the first time and experienced an instant awakening where the invisible connectedness and energetic nature of everything became visible. After checking to make sure she wasn't having a stroke, she began diving into quantum physics to understand the principles behind what was now visible to her. She then had an undeniable calling to bring this knowledge of consciousness into business to change the world from the workplace outwards. 

Soon after, she met Amanda Sanders and they founded Authentic CEO where they work with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors, elite performers, and dreamers, to transform their business, their investments, their relationships, their finances, and their happiness and wellbeing. Amy and Amanda also take their work beyond Authentic CEO by working with a startup accelerator (FourthWave), by a Mastermind collaboration with a leading corporate culture consultant (Going Limitless), and by co-founding a venture capital fund that aims to invest $1 billion in companies that are changing the world (Wai-Mohala Ventures).